Monday, April 17, 2017

Temps Perdu

Loppylugs record shop, Edgware

mentioned in passing on Radio London this morning

Friday, April 14, 2017

David Hockney - Tate Britain 17/3/17

Artist Surrounded by Artistic Devices 65
republish on SP4

Rubber ring floating in a swimming pool 71
figurative abstract
cf O'Keeffe

my bro is only 17 1962
cf Boty - cut swear word
cf Basquiat
phrases recur in 
3rd love painting 60

we 2 boys together clinging 61
quite chaste

the most beautiful boy in the world 61
bacon influence flesh

1st Marriage 62
use of bare canvas

chair theme
pool theme

boxes like Bacon


Sunbather 64
X water 'devices'

Medical bldg 66
cf Riley
figurative abstract 

cf O'Keeffe - flat on abstract figurative bldg scenes

X water devices
cf OKeeffe palette
X grass (plant?) devices 
just missed absence of people
the core work


American Collectors 68
paired portraits 90 degrees connections or not btwn couples

por of an artist (pool w 2 figs) 72
another pair
a diff 90 degrees
weird mirror reflection 

geldzahler & chris scott 69
90 degrees
X glass devices
 SP4 on devices

isherwood & bachardy 68
90 degrees with head

mr & mrs clark * 70/1
 find cane steel chair loft
X carpet devices
2 45s to make 90
regency roots gainsborough

my parents 77 *
flower pot theme
mirror avatar child between them
Tate has all the great ones
cf his shoes in My Mother Bolton Abbey

cubist photography (composite polaroid)

gregory swimming la 31/3 82
those werent water devices - painted on pool

like a compilation of old london exhibs

Nichols Canyon 80
great palette - original

going up garrowby hill 2000
variable pov with distortion

the 4 seasons, wolfgaye woods 
extension of polaroids

ipad drawings - process captured
ipad to paint - digital to concrete

(from EN)

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

Happiness Experiment entries - Finland

Monday 27 March

Dinner overlooking sea inlet with Noora in Helsinki

Evening walk through Helsinki in the lowering sun

Watching Inferno movie on the plane to Finland, Hollywood nonsense

Tues 28

Successful three hour lecture to 150 YLE staff, punctuated with cinnamon buns

Dinner with Ritva & Raimo at the art nouveau bank building - including Riesling & fish soup

Meeting about Finland centenary TV dance event with Markkus & Ritva - burst of idea generation

Wed 29

Short Form Video workshop at YLE - starting to engage with the ideas

Lunch with Erko talking docs

Run at sunset along the waterfront (with still frozen sea) to a small island

Thurs 30

Reading Bright, Precious Days on the way home from a bright, precious day

Watching more short form with the workshop

Reuniting with U

Fri 31

Creating more ideas with Distillery

Dinner with the Enfants Terribles at Yalla Yalla

Reading the end of Bright, Precious Days

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Star Spot No. 655

Emma Thompson
Hampstead Heath 12/3/17

Alex Brooker (The Last Leg)
Northern Line 9/3/17

Monday, February 06, 2017

Marble Arch cinema

Odeon Marble Arch (1963)

Disney Cinema
Robin Hood
Terry Thomas - I sssay sire

The Cure in Orange - Tim Pope
Hear My Song - Princess Di

Disney St Martins Lane

Ionic Golders Green