Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today's HEE

Bumping in to Bertrand M & coffee in Broadwick St

Calm dinner with N at Lebanese in Southgate

Thinking up The Glass Bowl at Hospital club

Yesterday's HEE

Touching the Christine Keeler chair (at V&A You Say You Want a Revolution exhibition)

D asking first question to Michael Fassbender (about variety of his roles) at The Light Between Oceans BAFTA screening

Parrots and various birds flying past round window

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Recent Happiness Experiment Entries

Tues 11 Oct

Laughing at Jewish joke with N & Ma

Warmth of Max Gog

Gerald Laing (spontaneous visit to) exhibition at Fine Art Society

Wed 12 Oct

Yom K service at Clore Manor with Ma - lifting the scrolls

Walking & talking in orchard with N & D

Reading Jonah & commentary in memory of Dad

Thurs 13 Oct

Friendly chat with Tim Lovejoy in Camden French cafe

Working out film festival with Claire P at Stolle

Connecting with Ronen after all these years (met at 13 & 14)

Fri 14 Oct

Lunch with Scott & Katherine in Gt Marlborough St where people I knew kept walking by

Thinking up The Photo tv idea with Dave F

Friday night gathering at Clive & Jeanie's with Jonathan, Carl, Alexis, Jackie & Jack

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Today's Happiness Experiment entry - Cambridge with N

Walking out to & around Girton at sundown with N

Walking along the Cam to lunch in the Orchard at Granchester (including local orange & clementine juice)

Looking at & discussing pictures in the Fitzwilliam with N including Renoir's gust of wind 

Creative Accounting #322

Doobie Brothers = Earth Wind & Fire + 0

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Two days of Happiness Experiment entries - Summer Days of Freedom

Wed 30 Aug

BAFTA & Chelsea Arts Club

Liverpool poet Brian Patten reciting a pie to Binia & me in the garden of the Chelsea Arts Club

Sharing the Rachman story with John N who loved it

Reviving Power to the People with Mark Stevenson in Borough

Thurs 31

Channel 4land & Kipferl & Eneko

Eneko late lunch with Leslie including fruity wine punch & Catalan pork 

A scriptwriting book as present from Leslie as we prep Creative England

Eating & chatting with Simon Wells & Harry Cymbler as I enjoyed my new-found liberty 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Russell Cotes museum, Bournemouth

Gilded peacock cornicing - Dining room

Frith - RamsgateSands 1854
Crowded as fuck
Covered up Muslim style

Venus Verticordia 1864
Cf Klimt - gilding
 Theatrical - scenery, layers
Jane Morris? Strong face - Alexa Wilding
His only nude in oil

I want an indoor fountain
Main Hall cf Leighton House

The first funeral 
Louis Ernest  Barrias - Fr
Adam & Eve mourners? Abel
Eve moving
Abel beautiful

The Silent Evening hour
Joseph Farquharson
A woodland light you can't capture - like the pine avenue in Bournemouth today

Perseus & Andromeda study 1892

Victorian intensity

Pharaohs Daughter
John adams-Acton 1865
Bad relief in base of bust

Eugenio Lombardi lateC19

Her first love
G Sheridan knowles
Is a bunny - provocative hint of emerging sexuality in male eye

Psyche at throne of Venus
E matthew hale
Interesting power rel & composition (tall canvas)

Albert Moore
Mixture of allegory and realism
Graphical comp
Egyptian profiles
Powerful use of orange
Aesthetic movement
Sig & date on vase

Byrne shaw
Black women look Polynesian
Suggestive flowers cf okeefe
She was nude originally 

The moorish proselytes
Edwin Long
Converting Muslims in Granada 1500

Aurora Triumphans <86
Evelyn de Morgan
Leighton Ho
Androgynous middle angel

The bathers alarmed
Solomon  j Solomon
So many Vic paintings excuses for female nudity & voyeurism

Atkinson grimshaw
An Autumn idyll *
V distinctive light & palette

C h landelle
Pupil of delaroche
Cf Klimt

Arthur hughes
Little one who straight has come 
Cf Burne Jones - angelic stairway
Shades of nativity

Good news & bad news
John bagnold burgess
Hardy - letters

The bather *
Thomas Ronaldson
I'm a sucker for De dos - Horst
Scott Fitzgerald

Harold Williamson 
Bold angle
Laura knight 

The mannequin
Andreas Carse
Cf Frith - crowd

William roberts
The happy family
Clash between subject & style 

Christopher Nevins
The war profiteers
Theatrical lighting